You played these chords as minimally as you could. Tried not to double any notes except here and there for movement. Other movement comes from exploring the chords gently and randomly and using repeated incidental notes. Played nice and sloppy. There is usually a structure of a repeated chord shape then a "middle 8" change. The voicings are clustered close together in the middle of the keyboard with nothing too high or low. You tried to play as slow and emptily as you could but even so you feel compelled to go too quick. This is good really because you then SLOWED down the recordings (usually to around 66% Speed) which has created longer piano decays. It is the decays which you listen to in the Cathedral reverb. In general that massive space is created with 3 identical copies of the recording. One has the huge reverb, one has an auto filter going on and one is almost dry (this is the only channel with any compression). No limiting and nothing is recorded or mixed hot. Because of the lack of comp and limiting there is a big dynamic range with the loudest notes occuring rarely. These recordings have lots of space and air.